The Complex | Campus

Circuit Parcmotor Castellolí is a renowned complex in the Spanish Peninsula and Europe with more than 800,000sqm. It has different circuits, services and facilities to promote trainings, coaching, communication, entertainment and Motorsport.


Available circuits:

Speed Circuit, Motocross, Dirt-track, Super Motard, Mountain bicycle, Road bicycle.

Speed Circuit

Total length: 4.113,373m, Length of the starting straight: 537.523m. Longest straight (upper): 624.735m. Width of the output line: 14m. Line width of circuit: 12m. Total turns: 11. Right corners: 7. Left corners: 4. Maximum uphill slope: 8,79 %. Maximum downhill slope: 8,09 %.



Campus Motor Anoia

One of the main attractions of this project is that there is a highly prepared facility focused just on the improvement of riders’ skills. It’s just one minute away from Circuit Parcmotor.

With a 2,800m2
and three floors, the space isdivided with:

Focused and prepared to do any type of course with a capacity of more than 50 students per class

The campus has three different boxes of 300m2 each. They are prepared with electricity, combustion, gas and new technologies.

Rest zone
Not everything is learning and training, the campus has a chill-out zone for all the riders if they need to relax.

Circuit Parcmotor Motocross track is a 1,600 meters long and 10 meters wide on a track with 12 jumps, 8 right turns and 11 left turns. Every year receives International Motorbike pilots to train in.

The outdoor Trial area located in a space of 15,000 m2 of forest, hosted the Spanish Trial Championship in the past and offers a unique place for trial practice in the middle of nature.

A Flat and Dirt Track has been installed to improve the technique of the drivers of the new Campus Circuit Parcmotor.